Bali Car Rental & Motorbike hire

General Terms and Conditional

  1. Rent the car / motorbike at PT. Amertha Dana Bali,  is required of International Driving License for foreigners, and National Driving License for Indonesian Nationality.
  2. The amount of the car insurance is varied , and to be advised upon making correspondence, any damage or theft of the car or any part of it, will be at customer’s own liability risk.
  3. PT. Amertha Dana Bali Car Rental and motorbike prices are varied from 10 hours (half day use) to 24 hours (full day use). If you wish to extend use of the car please inform us not less than 24 hours before the expiry date and time, otherwise the car may be pre-booked by another party. If the renter does not inform the rental company more than 24 hours after expiry date and time, the rental company has right to report to the police department that the mentioned car is lost, all risk and act taken by police department will be the renter responsible.
  4. The renter, will be fully responsible to any consequence caused by letting or giving the car to be driven by a person other than the renter, in contract.
  5. It is forbidden to drive the car to outside the island without approval of car rental company.
  6. No advance deposit is needed to make a booking though our reservation form.
  7. All payments are to be paid in full, and in cash, upon signing of contract. If The renter wishes to return the vehicle prior to end of contract period, a fee of the remaining days will be charged. One-day rental charge will be charged to renter who cancels their reservation less than 24 hours/on delivery day. Refunds do not apply to insurance.
  8. Petrol is Exclude. Full tank fuel upon car delivery only available when required. On the collection of the car, the renter must hand it back also in full tank.
  9. All the images or photo of Cars and Motorbike are show and used  at website are for illustration only, the actual condition there may be some differences.
  10. Prices can be change at any time. The price also can be adjusted according to the addition of consumer car rental demand.
  11. Any further term and conditions that may need further explanation will be explain upon making correspondence.


Notes :
There are other company using similar name with Amerthadana in Kuta area
Those companies is NOT RELATED with OUR COMPANY (PT.Amertha Dana Bali) in Seminyak.  Any kind of activities, services and management are not responsibility of our company PT. Amertha Dana Bali.

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